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Sicheng Wang​

Virtual Immunization Project  -The crisis is an Evolutionary Carnival


Collaborate with Feng Xiong, Nick Bentz, Simi Gu, Lishen Ye.

Scientific Advisor:

Chao Shan(Ph.D., working at Wuhan Institute of Virology,Chinese Academy of Sciences)

Chengchi Fang (Ph.D., working at Institute of Hydrobiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences)


_ Respond to Feb. 24th Morning 2022


_ Virtual Immunization Project 2021

video, music, 3D animation, VR, game

_ 2020 Fall, Threat 2020

video, music

_ Spring to Summer in NYC 2020


_Memory Device2020

video, 3D animation, VR interactive

_Take the skies to travel, 2019

multichannel videos

_East Lake, 2019-2018


_Time is a river with no banks, 2018

installation, video

_Sunset of Baltimore, 2018-2017

paintings, installation, digital paintings, video

_Breaking down space, 2017-2016

paintings, installations

3D animation of Vaccines

mRNA Vaccine

Protein Subunit Vaccine

Inactivated Vaccine

Viral Vector Vaccine

Project Introduction:






To say that the COVID-19 pandemic had a far-reaching impact on our lives is a massive understatement. We have been under the influence of the epidemic since late 2019, causing us to reflect, examine and question the direction of societal progression. The rapid spread of the plague highlights the development of a global infrastructure. This apparatus not only unites humanity into a whole, but also forces people to intuitively experience the concept of community-as-shared-future. Unprecedented isolation has fully demonstrated the advantages of the Internet, virtual communities, and NFT technology, and has further promoted the large-scale acceptance of the remote collaboration model. However, with the development and distribution of vaccines, the competition over supply has continued to strain human morality. Has the world become more integrated or more divided? As artists faced with crises and contradictions, we ask ourselves: What can we do?




In early 2021, through my interests in biology and crypto art, I invited several fellow artists and friends to create the Virtual Immunization Project. I hope this work will have a positive impact on society and raise questions.






Project Name:Virtual Immunization Project



Human beings are made up of chains of DNA working in collusion with each other. In this process, the agency of human beings is deprived; each individual becomes a different representation of their collective genome. DNA, through the translation of mRNA, transmits information and controls the assembling of living organisms. Homo sapiens are just one of these information compounds. Just as an avatar in a virtual world consists of a chain of ones and zeroes, humans are strings of biological genetic codes.




China entered the third phase of clinical trials for mRNA vaccines in May 2021. When an mRNA vaccine enters human cells, it produces and displays the characteristic spike protein of the COVID-19 virus on the surface of the cell to trigger the immune system to produce antibodies. This vaccination is the result of precise research into the protein makeup of the COVID-19 virus, leading to the replication of hundreds of proteins on the surface of coronavirus molecules. It has become particularly important to study the structure of these key proteins and the structures of DNA and RNA that record protein structure information.




With the help and support of scientific advisors Chao Shan and Chengchi Fang from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, we have obtained data from the Protein Data Bank (PDB), a database of three-dimensional structural data of large biological molecules, and genetic research data models. Using the three-dimensional structural information of the coronavirus, we are creating artistic 3D virtual models of viruses, spike proteins, DNA and RNA, in order to launch the Virtual Immunization Project. In this project, we are using video, 3D modeling, installation art, sound art, and blockchain to both render the dynamic natural process of human immunity and point to the relationship between humans and viruses as one built not on pure confrontation, but on coevolution.


通过来自中科院的科学顾问单超、方成池的帮助与学术支持,我们获取到了开源生物蛋白质结构交流平台PDB的数据,和中科院遗传基因研究所的部分基因研究数据模型,根据病毒疫苗的相关学术信息由此建立病毒,刺突蛋白质,DNA和RNA等的三维虚拟模型。并启动虚拟疫苗计划。在虚拟疫苗计划中我们利用影像艺术,三维建模,装置,声音和加密技术来呈现人类与病毒免疫的动态过程, 并指出人类与病毒不光是对抗关系同时是协同进化的关系。


The intervention of modern medicine has greatly augmented the process of human natural selection. At the same time, human beings use technology to augment our own evolution. The machine enhances the body, and artificial intelligence enhances the brain. Every crisis is a driving force for evolution. The coronavirus pandemic has prompted breakthroughs in mRNA research and manifested great achievements in communication technology. Likewise, the practice of art is facing new challenges. How do we integrate with today’s technology, harness new media, and expand the boundaries of art? Through this catastrophe and challenge, our team is creating this piece in order to express our viewpoints on biological evolution, technological development, and artistic innovation.




We intend to sell these ‘virtual vaccines’ on NFT marketplaces with the goal of donating the profits to public welfare projects responding to the fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic. Through this process, we are asking the following questions of the NFT medium: can we creatively transform digital wealth into tangible social value by funneling capital to those places in our society in need of urgent help? Can NFTs provide the artist with more opportunities to enact social change and better our society? Can NFTs help to expand the possibilities of social intervention and advocacy in the artist’s practice? Can the commodity value of art combine with positive changes in public welfare to bring new meaning into the artwork itself? We intend for this work to give our audience interesting answers and open up dialogues in order to discuss the meanings behind our project.


我们尝试将虚拟疫苗计划中的相关作品在区块链交易平台上进行售卖,并将此部分盈利捐助到公益项目中. 通过这个创作过程我们尝试讨论当下区块链与NFT市场可能存在的思考:在虚拟资产与货币价值暴涨的今天,我们是否可以通过创造性的方式将数字财富转化成实际的社会价值,给予我们社会中那些迫切需要帮助的地方去?一场又一场加密艺术的拍卖狂欢试图肯定了艺术家的智力劳动本身的同时是否给艺术家带来更多的机会参与到社会构建中去,去建立我们理想中的乌托邦?同时当代艺术不断扩充其媒介和表现形式,如何去扩充艺术的社会介入性,利用艺术的商品属性和公益行为是否能给创作本身带来新的意义?


为什么采用NFT技术,为什么是生命科学,为什么是虚拟艺术?为什么选择社会介入方式? 为什么做公益?希望这个作品可以给观众一个有趣的答案,并开放讨论我们项目行为背后的意义。


Charity & Public Practice Statement



This project is inspired by research pertaining to the COVID-19 mRNA vaccine. We hope to donate our profits from the sales of this work to public welfare. According to the commodity nature of the artwork and the technology of the blockchain platform, our digital artwork can receive money from each following transaction, which has a certain proportion of funds that continue to flow into the public welfare activities, so that this public welfare activity can also be developed into a long-term project. Witnessing the COVID-19 pandemic from both Wuhan and New York City, I plan to use profits from the artwork to support public welfare projects helping those in Wuhan and New York City who have been affected by the pandemic. As more funds flow into our project, we also want to support environmental protection projects like those helping to maintain the Yangtze River’s biosphere led by the Institute of Hydrobiology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Wuhan.


此次的作品受启发于新冠疫情中的mRNA的研究. 我们希望将作品在网络平台上售卖的所得资金投递到公益事业中。根据艺术品的商品性质和区块链平台的技术,我们数字艺术品可以实现每一次的交易都有一定比例的资金持续流入公益活动中去,这样也可以将此次公益活动发展为持续性的项目。当公益项目能够进行,我们这个艺术项目也将正式完成,成为一个社会参与的艺术项目。作为首批受疫情影响的武汉人,后被困于纽约,我将计划首先主动开展武汉和纽约两地的针对疫情的公益项目,然后将随后的公益款项流向迫切需要它们的地方。同时如果有更多的资金流入我们的艺术公益项目,例如武汉中科院水生所主导的长江十年禁渔的环保项目等。

Public Practice & Screening 公教活动+放映

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