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Daily Sunset Paintings of Baltimore


_ Responds to Feb. 24th Morning 2022


_ Virtual Immunization Project 2021

video, music, 3D animation, VR, game

_ 2020 Fall, Threat 2020

video, music

_ Spring to Summer in NYC 2020


_Memory Device2020

video, 3D animation, VR interactive

_Take the skies to travel, 2019

multichannel videos

_East Lake, 2019-2018


_Time is a river with no banks, 2018

installation, video

_Sunset of Baltimore, 2018-2017

paintings, installation, digital paintings, video

_Breaking down space, 2017-2016

paintings, installations

Painting is the art of seeing. It helps me look at the outside world and then express what I have seen through an interior process. I paint sunsets and the sky of Baltimore every day. It about seeing nature; at the same time, it shows the longing for home and the bittersweetness of living in a foreign land. Choosing to be an artist is to choose a lifestyle of communicating with my internal world, which means being honest with myself. Then I am in front of my paintings, and I am in my paintings.


Honesty is an essential ingredient to creating art. That means I need to face my limitations and examine the things I want to hide directly. I am thinking nothing while I paint. I start to observe myself deeply through an intuitive mind space which then shows up in my paintings. Missing home is an emotion that I cannot resist, which is expressed in my work. Painting Baltimore is an effort to make this place as home through my loving eyes. The things that I paint are the things I love deeply.

Sunset on iPad
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