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Texture, Gaze and Body


Figure Sculpture entered China from Greece via India. It is not just an exchange of culture and art, but also an exchange of the gaze between you and me, West and East. When I look at this space-time, what is being projected is not only the angle from which I understand the world, but also the unreserved reflection of my image. Correspondingly, when you look at the time fragments I have stared at, are you not also looking at your own mirrored image?


Material, color, brushstroke, body, form, in which space-time do our gaze rest? Withdraw, approach, spin, linger, suspend, our actions transcend cognition, connecting the past and the present. We are tourists who travel across different time and space, watching the world based on their own experiences and preferences. Some people use the eye of observation to construct the perfection of seeing themselves outside of themselves once more. Some others use the eyes of observation to witness the creation of our past selves, time and time again. Marcel Proust wrote: …for my eyes color was sufficient, without warmth; my chest, on the other hand, was anxious for warmth and not for color. From the perfection image of ourselves that we created before, we see our thoughts, desires, and beauty.




材料,色彩,笔触,身体,形式,我们的目光停留在哪一个时空?退开,靠近,旋转,流连,驻足,我们的行为穿越认知,衔接过往与当下。不同时空间游走的旅客都基于他们自身的经验与喜好注视、浏览着这世间。有的人借以观察之眼创造出再一次在自身之外看到自身的完美。有的人借以观察之眼,一次次看到被创造出来的过往的我们。而普鲁斯特写过: …我们的视觉只在乎色彩而不在乎温暖,相反我们的胸脯只在乎温暖而不在乎色彩。我们在以往被创造的完美的我们里看到了我们的所思所想,我们的渴望,和我们的美。



_ Responds to Feb. 24th Morning 2022


_ Virtual Immunization Project 2021

video, music, 3D animation, VR, game

_ 2020 Fall, Threat 2020

video, music

_ Spring to Summer in NYC 2020


_Memory Device2020

video, 3D animation, VR interactive

_Take the skies to travel, 2019

multichannel videos

_East Lake, 2019-2018


_Time is a river with no banks, 2018

installation, video

_Sunset of Baltimore, 2018-2017

paintings, installation, digital paintings, video

_Breaking down space, 2017-2016

paintings, installations

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