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Memory Device


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Memory Device is an attempt to combine art with technology such as 3D modeling animation, VR interactive, modern poetry, experimental world music, and dance performances, etc. It is an endeavor that makes a poetic expression of the new media. We get inspiration from a breakthrough point of our thinking on different approaches to using media and technologies. We base on the sense of distance and distortion of existing 3D modeling to build a cold and alienating virtual world. Combining this sense of coldness and alienation, let unidentified characters wander in the virtual world and talking about their hometown tenderly. Through dialogue between virtual characters, monologues, and poems, our confusion about the world, the experience of large-scale migration based on globalization, and the thinking about information technology are presented one by one.


The video presented here is the first chapter of Memory Device:Wake up, Singing for Memory. In this chapter, we choose a representative video clip that combines experimental music, poetry, and dance performance to present to the audience.


Production Credits

Memory Device(2019-2020) created by Sicheng Wang, 3D Modeling Director Shuting Jiang, Technical Director Simi Gu, Sound Designer Lane Shi Otayonii.

Memory Device 是一个尝试结合3D建模动画技术、VR互动装置、现代诗歌、试验性世界音乐(Experimental world music)、舞蹈表演等艺术形式为一体的作品。也是尝试利用新媒体进行的诗意表达。艺术家通过对于不同媒介与技术的结合的思考作为突破点引发创作。利用现有3D建模给人的距离和失真感搭建了一个冰冷疏离的虚拟世界。结合这种冰冷和疏离感,让没有身份的虚拟人物在虚拟世界里游荡并做着谈论故乡这样一件温情的事。并且通过虚拟人物间的对话,独白与诗歌将艺术家对于所处世界的困惑,当代人大规模迁移的思考,和对于现有信息科技的思考在作品中一一呈现出来。


此次展示的作品是Memory Device的第一章,Wake up, Singing for Memory. 第一章节中我们选择一段结合了实验性音乐,诗歌与舞蹈表演等具有代表性的视频片段呈现给观众。


Memory Device是一个团队合作作品。由艺术家王偲丞创作,蒋姝婷负责整体建模指导,顾诗敏负责技术指导,施金豆负责音乐创作。



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