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In dreams, I knew not an exile I remain


_ Responds to Feb. 24th Morning 2022


_ Virtual Immunization Project 2021

video, music, 3D animation, VR, game

_ 2020 Fall, Threat 2020

video, music

_ Spring to Summer in NYC 2020


_Memory Device2020

video, 3D animation, VR interactive

_Take the skies to travel, 2019

multichannel videos

_East Lake, 2019-2018


_Time is a river with no banks, 2018

installation, video

_Sunset of Baltimore, 2018-2017

paintings, installation, digital paintings, video

_Breaking down space, 2017-2016

paintings, installations

"梦里不知身是客" 项目是我给自己做的一个疫情期间的小游戏。游戏里我一层一层向梦境跌去。欢迎和我一起向梦境跌落。

​In dreams, I knew not an exile I remain is a game for myself during the pandemic lockdown. In the game, I am falling down into dreams in dreams. Welcome to fall with me in my dreams.

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